Werner John's Woodland flutes are designed to be small, sturdy, and lightweight while still having the rich sound of a full-size Native flute. These flutes, which come tuned in "a", "g", and high "c" minor pentatonic scales, are great to take anywhere. The flutes have no external "bird" and so can be carried without a case. Cover the windway opening with the deerskin strip, pop this flute into a backpack or suitcase and you're off! These flutes are made of spruce and cedar and all feature a woodburned design on the side and a ceramic windway insert for stability of tone quality.

 Woodland in "c"

14" long

 3 oz.


 Woodland in "a"

16 1/4" long

 4 oz.


 Woodland in "g"

17 1/2" long

 4.5 oz.


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